Storefront Laundry Room Westside Min

About The Laundry Room​

The Laundry Room Westside opened in late 2019 and is a locally owned and operated family business. Our goal is to create a warm, family friendly atmosphere that is exceptionally clean, safe, and well-lit. Our friendly and courteous staff are here to ensure you have the best possible laundry day in Washington County. Our super efficient, eco-friendly washers and dryers will get you in and out in under an hour!

Our warm, family friendly amenities include:

Clean & serviced bathrooms

Fully staffed to assist customers at all times

Window seating - Charging stations for phones & laptops

Kids Play Area - Stocked with books, crayons, and TVs playing children's programming

Dedicated parking - We have 5 assigned spots up front & ample parking throughout the lot

Automatic doors - No more hassling with trying to get in & out of the building

Free Wi-Fi - High speeed Comcast internet is available throughout the laundromat

High Definition TVs - We offer four 65" and 55" LG TVs to help pass the time

Laundry Carts - Available in 2 sizes to help you wheel your laundry from one machine to the next, or outside to your vehicle.

Drinks, Snacks, & Laundry Supplies - Whether you just ran out of laundry detergent or you're craving a sweet treat, our attendants or vending machines can satisfy any need.

Promotions - Periodic events to win prizes and/or laundry card credits & discounts.

Early Bird Discounts - Check out our Facebook page for up to date times & discounts.

Bonus Value - Add $20 (cash only) to your laundry card in one transaction and you’ll receive a bonus of $2.00.