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​Equine Laundry Service & Horse Blanket Cleaning in Hillsboro, OR

We Welcome Horse Blankets & Pet Laundry at our Laundromat in Hillsboro!

We love our pets and we know you do too! We specialize in equine laundry and pet laundry. We have dedicated four machines to take care of your fur babies' blankets and bedding.

We've even set up a specialized wash cycle, called Horse/Pet, to take the guess work out of properly washing and cleaning  horse blankets, saddle pads, saddle blankets, pet bedding, etc. 

Our Horse/Pet cycle only uses cold water to protect your investment.

No matter the machine size, this cycle has a 5 min. pre-wash, where no soap should be added, and a 15 min. main wash. Why do you pre-wash? If you don’t pre-wash, the soap will combine with the surface dirt and will be consumed before it can reach the dirt, urine, sweat, hair and/or feces embedded in the blanket.

Then we do 3 rinse cycles - to ensure no residual soap, which can irritate your horse or pet's skin.

For the best results & to maintain the durability and function of your horse blankets and/or bedding, please remove excess dirt & hair with a grooming brush or broom.  Please remove and/or secure all straps and buckles (we provide mesh bags and socks at no charge).

Please see our attendants for designated machines & to receive the required mesh bags for your equine laundry and laundry for pets. No dryer use allowed.